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What are tutorial sessions?

Tutorial sessions help you connect “what to learn” with “how to learn.”  Enthusiastic tutors lead bi-weekly groups that connect you with peers and give you tools to succeed.

How are tutorial sessions different from lecture, discussion, lab and one-on-one tutoring?

Tutorial sessions focus on key concepts and encourage collaborative learning in a FUN group setting.

Who are the tutors?

Tutors are high performing peers who have previously suceeded in the subjects that they are tutoring.  

What is a session like?

Sessions are 50 minutes. All sessions have a main learning goal and tutors check your mastery of the goal at the end of each session.

How do I sign up?

All students enrolled in a lecture with an associated LARC Tutorial may register. Enrollment in the LARC Program costs $100 per quarter and regular attendance is required.

To enroll in a LARC Tutorial:
1. Visit the LARC Tutorial Schedule to choose a Session time that corresponds with your lecture. (Note: LARC Sessions ARE linked to each individual lecture, not to the course in general with the exception of Math!!)
2. Enroll through WebReg for the appropriate LARC Session.
3. Attend the first LARC Session you are enrolled in. (Check out the Building Abbreviations to find where your LARC Sessions will be held.)
4. Visit our Fees & Policies page for more information.

*The LARC program is modeled, in part, after the University of Missouri, Kansas City's 'Supplemental Instruction Program' (

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