LARC Tutorials

What are tutorials?

Tutorials help you connect “what to learn” with “how to learn.” Enthusiastic Tutorial Leaders facilitate bi-weekly groups that connect you with peers and give you tools to succeed.

How are tutorials different from lecture, discussion, lab and one-on-one tutoring?

Tutorials focus on key concepts and encourage collaborative learning in a FUN group setting.

Who are the LARC Tutorial Leaders?

LARC Tutorial Leaders are high performing peers who have previously succeeded in the subjects that they are supporting.

What is a tutorial like?

Tutorials meet for 50 minutes twice per week during the academic school year, and 2 hours each during five-week summer sessions. All tutorials have a main learning goal and Leaders check your mastery of the goal at the end of each meeting. Leaders organize quiz, midterm, and final reviews as well.

How do I enroll in a LARC Tutorial?

The new and improved LARC Enrollment portal is now available to view! Enrollment opens June 22.