Fees & Policies

Important Announcement (effective 11/15/16):

The LARC tutorial fee of $100 will change in Winter quarter (January 2017) to $110. Enrollments made during Fall quarter 2016 are not affected by this rate change. Students enrolled for Fall can expect to receive a $100 charge per tutorial to their Zot account in early Winter. Policies below will be updated at the end of Fall quarter to reflect this change.

Rising costs require us to make this slight increase. We understand that students may have concerns. Your feedback is welcome, and we are here to assist students who experience financial difficulty by directing you to available sponsorships and other resources.  Please direct any questions to the LARC Director, Tracie Welser (twelser@uci.edu).

Fees and Policies – Academic Year (updated with fee change and edited for clarity on 1/18/2017)

Before enrolling in or attending a LARC tutorial session, make sure that you understand the following policies. Please read them carefully. 

LARC Tutorial Enrollment Fees


When you enroll in a LARC tutorial, you are making an investment in your academic success; thus, you should attend all of your sessions. Missing sessions hurts your performance and impairs the success of your tutorial group. If you need to miss a session, you should notify your leader. Attendance at your first LARC session is mandatory. If you do not attend the first session you may be dropped and charged according to the fee schedule below, unless you officially drop by the end of Week 1 (11:59 PM on Saturday). Two absences or more absences without notification may also result in your being dropped and charged according to the fee schedule below.

Enroll Before Attending

All students MUST enroll before attending any LARC tutorial sessions. Enroll through WebReg during the regular academic year, or at the LARC office or website during Summer Sessions. Students may NOT attend a LARC session in which they have not enrolled in. There are no exceptions to this policy. If you found to be attending a session without being enrolled you will be charged according to the fee schedule below. If you are unable to enroll in the session you have attended because it is full or for any other reason, you will still be charged for the sessions you attended according to the fee schedule below. Also, you may not enroll in more than one LARC session for the same course.

Dropping from a LARC Tutorial Session

If you decide to stop attending a LARC tutorial, please be sure to officially drop the LARC tutorial through WebReg. It is your responsibility to ensure that all drops have been processed. The WebReg process for dropping LARC tutorials during the regular academic year is the same as dropping any other course. To drop LARC tutorials during Summer Sessions, you must go to the LARC office and request to be dropped from the session.

If you enroll in a LARC tutorial session and never attend, you must drop by the end of Week 1 (11:59 PM on Saturday) in order to avoid being charged. If you enroll in or are added to a LARC tutorial session after Week 1, you have 48 hours from the time of enrollment (e.g., Friday 2:00 PM to Sunday 1:59 PM) in which to drop the LARC tutorial session without incurring any charges. However, if you attend a session during the 48 hour period, you will be charged as shown in the fee schedule below. Please note: No exceptions will be made for those who do not drop by the above deadlines, even if the deadline is missed by only a few minutes. Those who do not drop by the deadline will be charged according to the fee schedule below.

A note to those waitlisted for a LARC tutorial session: You will be added to the roster automatically as students drop or are dropped. At the time you are added, the Registrar’s Office will send you an email stating that you have been added. If you no longer wish to attend, you must drop within 48 hours of having been automatically added or you will be charged according to the fee schedule below. It is advisable to monitor your email closely if you are waitlisted. If you are waitlisted for a LARC session that you no longer wish to attend, it is to your benefit to simply remove your name from the waitlist.

LARC Tutorial Program Fee Schedule

# of hours in session Fee
0-2 $25.00
3 or more $110.00

These fees apply to all students using LARC, including those who:

  • were found to be attending a LARC session when they were not enrolled
  • neglected to drop themselves, having never attended a LARC session
  • were dropped by LARC staff due to poor attendance
  • were enrolled for a period of time (“holding a seat”) equaling 0-2 session hours, or 3 or more hours, but did not attend

Sponsorships for LARC Tutorial Session Fees

LARC does not offer waivers or sponsorships for LARC session fees; however, some departments on campus may offer to sponsor your LARC session fees. Student Success Initiatives (http://ssi.uci.edu/resources-scholarships/scholarships/) offers LARC session scholarships to students who qualify and apply through their office. Please visit or contact the SSI offices. The Student Success Initiatives Office is located on the second floor of the Student Services II building, across from Zot n’ Go on Ring Road, or phone (949) 824-6234 for more information. PLEASE NOTE: If you are sponsored, you may be eligible for priority enrollment. Check with your sponsor.

Fall, Winter, and Spring Invoices & Payment

Your invoice will be processed through your Zot Account at the end of each quarter. Payment may be made either online or at the Central Cashier’s office in Aldrich Hall upon receipt of your invoice. Late fees may occur if your payment is not received by the due date.

Note that if you have a fee waiver for a LARC session, it is your responsibility to check with your sponsor to ensure that you attend the minimum number of sessions they require. If you attend fewer than the required number of sessions, you will be responsible for paying the fee. An attendance tracking sheet is available from the LARC office (RH 284) if you would like to keep a signature record for your own attendance.


Fees and Policies – Summer Session

Please make sure to carefully review the Summer LARC fee policy as it is different than the other academic quarters. These fees apply to Summer LARC Tutorials ONLY. Summer LARC tutorials begin on Wednesday/Thursday of Week 1. (No tutorials are scheduled on Monday or Tuesday during week 1). All changes apply to summer only.

Enrollment – Add your LARC Tutorial Online 

Adds: Students may CLICK HERE to enroll in a LARC Summer tutorial. 

Fees: Tutorials are $110 each. If enrolling online, the fee will appear on your Zot Account after the end of Summer Session 2. The LARC fee will be applied to all students who are enrolled any time after 4:00PM on the Friday of week 1. The last day to add a LARC Tutorial during Summer Session I & II is Friday of Week 3.

*Students who are sponsored: Approved sponsoring departments will send LARC a list of students who qualify for a scholarship. You may only register online, no further action is required on your part, and the fee will not be charged to your Zot Account.


If done before 4:00PM on Friday of week 1 – No charge will be applied to your Zot account at the end of Summer Session 2.
If done after 4:00PM on Friday of week 1 – The full charge will be applied to your account.
You may drop a session but the original amount will not be refunded. However if you would like to switch into another LARC session you may do so by emailing LARC@uci.edu without being charged an additional fee.

What if a LARC session is full?

If a session is full, you may not attend the session even if it is cleared by the tutor. If a session is full, you may add yourself to a waitlist (add yourself to the waitlist during summer sessions by sending an email request to LARC@uci.edu). Our staff will notify you if space becomes available. This does not guarantee you a seat if it becomes available! The open space will be offered on a first-come, first serve basis.